I can’t believe yesterday it was 2015, and today it’s 2016. It’s crazy, really, to think how much and how fast time passes us by. I’ve been at my new job for a little over a month and I’ve been working at Panera again for the past four months. My only reasoning on going back to Panera was to get myself back on track financially, and honestly, I’ve failed majorly with that (just being honest here). However, I vow to not continue on with that. There’s no reason for me to be working three jobs, I can do this with one, once I get where I want to be financially.

With that being said, I was scrolling through Instagram today and I ran across Hannah Brencher’s post about the “Contentment Challenge”. For 90 days, you vow to only buy the essentials, no extras (all rules here).

I will give up shopping for clothes, accessories, household decor, and “stuff” for 3 months, to focus our hearts and minds on the root of true contentment. We will actively pursue fulfilling activities that will replace our addiction to material things.

This came to me at a perfect time, and I’m so ready for the challenge. Now, onto cleaning my bedroom and getting ready for work tomorrow.

Hugs and highfives,



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